5 Secrets of The Reinhardt University Bookstore

If you’ve ever visited Reinhardt University then you’ve probably heard about the campus bookstore. It’s small enough that by normal standards it’s pretty easy to miss, but in the small town of Waleska it rivals most of the convenient stores. If you ask anyone on campus where the best place to get item X, Y, or Z is, it’s very likely that the bookstore will be at the top of their list. Though it’s a rather small store it might surprise you. The next time you find yourself on Reinhardt’s campus with some free time, or just in the area and in need of something you should stop by the Bookstore. Before that next trip, though, you might like to know a few secrets about the store.

  1. The bookstore is the perfect place to go for a pick-me-up cup of coffee or tea. If you’re a student on your way to class or just looking for a warm cup to sip on a crisp autumn day you can purchase and make your own cup from the Keurig and choose from a wide variety of coffee types. You don’t have to go to wait in the line in the dinning hall or stop by a shady gas station. The pick-up you need can be made quickly, cheaply, and right in the middle of campus.
  2. There is almost always a sale going on. The bookstore has multiple social media sites that will alert you to the day’s sales. There are also special sales that go on when the football team is doing well and scores a certain number  of points in a game. If you stop in on a day that a sale isn’t going on you can still look at the clearance rack which offers amazing deals on apparel and 25-75% off the already marked prices. The store also offers discounts to the faculty and staff so there is always a good deal going on.
  3. The next time you’re hungry and need a quick snack, the bookstore will have just what you need. From candy bars, to granola, and microwavable noodles the bookstore has what you’re craving. As the manager Janet Sweany often says, “If you can’t find what you want, you must not be hungry.” You can grab exactly what you’re hungry for without having to wait in the line of the convenience store, market, or restaurant.
  4. When you’re sick and on campus, but can hardy make it to the next building, much less the closest pharmacy, you can get exactly what you need in the time it takes to walk to a class. Students no longer need to beg their roommates to drive to the store for them; they can walk to the bookstore and get most any over the counter medicine they need. You can pick up a wide variety of cough, cold, pain, and allergy medications on the go on campus.
  5. You can order just about anything through the bookstore. The bookstore has a website through which you can order just about anything you need from laptops, to extra clothing options, and decorations and home furnishings. The isn’t much you can’t order off the site and everything gets shipped to the store and can be picked up there.

The Reinhardt University Bookstore has much more than just textbooks and leisurely reading books. It offers every thing you need from spirit wear to snacks and school supplies.


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