Want the House of Your Dreams?

Concrete SlabDo you ever imagine in the house of your dreams? Well look no further Roma Concrete makes that happen for you. Roma Concrete gives you an estimate based on the plan of your house, and if you are satisfied contract them. They do poured walls, footings, driveways, slabs, and stamp concrete. These workers take their time in assuring they are doing their best at their job. So what makes Roma Concrete different than other companies? At Roma Concrete you will be getting the best quality work done in a timely manner and be greeted with friendly people.

Footings are the foundation in construction. This is highly important because you do not want your house to collapse, so getting a good company helps. A footing usually takes one day to prepare and the next day it is ready for inspection and it is ready to be filled with concrete.


Poured walls is the next step once the footings are done. These are the walls that are going to be made. They use panels on the sides and pour concrete inside. The next day they remove the panels, and you get walls. Lastly, the slabs are done which is the floors for the basement.

Poured walls
Poured walls

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