Ride Atop Your Dreams

Have you ever wanted to strut your thing atop a horse? Look no further, as professional equestrian coach Amy Browning is local and ready to make it worth your while. Running her business out of two locations that can be found in Alpharetta and Marble Hill, GA, Browning provides the new rider with a guided experience into the world of Hunter Jumper-style riding. Whether you’re a young child or a Golden Age adult, Mrs. Browning is ready and qualified to show you just what makes horses so thrilling. Having ridden many-a-horse myself under the tutelage of Browning, I can say first-hand that her techniques and demeanor is as kind and professional as I could have ever asked for in a teacher. Let her show you, as she had shown me, the techniques of caring for, grooming, and training a horse as you develop a bond that only nature can create.


Audrey_crop (179 x 250)


     The love of an animal as majestic as a horse knows no adversary or competitor, and there’s nothing healthier than some good old-fashioned fresh air and sunshine. So I suggest you leave that couch or take a weekend away from stress and enjoy a nice horseback ride with Browning. Whether you’re looking for a calm trail ride or to receive regular training lessons from her, wish to have her train you on a horse you already own or to have her allow you to borrow one of her horses, Browning is ready to make it work for you and to make sure that you enjoy your experience with her to the fullest.


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