Feature Story: Lonely Subway in Waleska

Lonely Subway in Waleska

Subway has been most famously known for the “$5 foot-long” commercial and starting a brand of sandwiches that has made its mark. It is famous for its sandwiches and being one of the healthiest fast food companies today.  Most people who decide to eat at Subway are looking for something quick and fast but can also “fill their bellies up.”  Subway is known for getting quality food out to customers without using many workers to do it. The steadiness and hospitality at each restaurant are what keep people coming back to this franchise.

Subway is co-founded by Fred DeLuca and has over 33,337 franchises in 92 countries across the world. Subway makes 13 billion dollars a year. The first shop known as Pete’s Super Submarine was started when DeLuca was only 17. DeLuca was selling sandwiches for 69 cents a pop. From placing a $1,000 loan for the sandwich shop to the end of the summer only having $6 remaining was a huge downfall. Peter Buck, the guy who helped DeLuca start the first business, helped him start up a second shop with a better plan.

After the first year, Subway had only made $7,000, but this was considered a profit for the business men. DeLuca was set on expanding the shop and did not want just to settle for one are a for his company. The goal was to open 30 restaurants within ten years. In the first ten years, 16 Subways were opened throughout Connecticut.  The business accelerated quickly and had its 100th store by 1998. DeLuca recently died on September 13, 2015, at the age of 67, but he was a very successful owner and accomplished many goals that he wanted with his business during his life .

The Subway in Waleska has not had the success that many of the other subways in recent times. There has been many rumors of closing, but the store has managed to stay above water since the talk began to take action. Manager Bobby Jones said, “We just don’t get enough customers throughout Waleska.”  Bobby said that during the school year, Reinhardt students keep the restaurant running based off of the hungry students who have nothing else to eat during the day except the cafeteria and especially at night. There are usually two to three workers at the restaurant working each shift daily. Kacey Hamilton, one of Subway’s night shift workers, said, “All I serve are RU students at night. That’s about the busiest we get.” There is not a lot of action for workers during the day. Kacey and her boyfriend both work the same shift during the day but alternate who works the night shifts. With there not being that much business the couple spends a lot of time just talking and listening to music.

Kacey said, “Many of the other workers that work at the subway do not really take their job seriously, and there has been many people in and out of the store when it comes to the different employees who work there.” This is probably one of the main reasons for the thoughts of closing down the subway. Just getting the right people that show enthusiasm about working there and that want to work to make the subway a better place and not just work to work. Most of the workers did not have anything good to say about the manager Bobby. Most of the employees said that she is very grumpy and is not always in the best attitude when she is on the job. Who would want to work at a place where the people working there do not want to be working there.

The subway serves the same delicious sandwiches as any other restaurant, but it just doesn’t have the best atmosphere to keep people coming in. Most of the time when someone enters the Waleska Subway is not that many people in the restaurant eating. That influences the amount as business as well, if people driving by the restaurant on the daily sees that there is normally no one in there eating that that’s going to make them want to go somewhere else to eat.

Student athlete Marcus Miller said, “After classes and practice, there is not really that many options as far as food around Reinhardt’s campus. Subway is the only immediate restaurant that is less than 15 minutes away.” There is literally the waleska subway and a gas station right down the road from it for students to try and satisfy their hunger. If there were more restaurants around many students would probably choose something else to eat.

Since Waleska is such a small city, and its population primarily consists of RU’s students, it makes sense that students are Subway’s biggest group of customers. Reinhardt’s students are one of the biggest reasons that this Subway in Waleska has not closed down business. It is very important for Subway to share the best quality service to keep RU students from starving at night by providing them with tasty sandwiches. Also at night football players use the Subway to their advantage the most. Many of them get food, and their friends get the free drink offered to students with a Reinhardt student ID.  The contribution of Reinhardt students goes hand in hand with the Subway in Waleska’s success.


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