How The Top 5 Subway Sandwiches Are Made

Chicken Teriyaki 

  • Slice chicken breast into strips.
  • Place on a sub roll or fresh French or Italian bread from the bakery.
  • Add lettuce, tomatoes, onions and any other vegetables that you like.
  • Pour the Sweet Onion sauce over the chicken and vegetable

Italian BMT

  •  Cut bread in half lengthwise; hollow out top and bottom using a small serrated knife or your fingers, leaving a 1/2″ shell.
  • Combine oil, vinegar, garlic, oregano and pepper; brush on cut sides of bread top and bottom.
  • On the bottom half, layer half of the meats, cheeses, lettuce and green pepper.
  • Repeat layers. Replace bread top. Serve immediately or wrap tightly in plastic wrap; refrigerate.


  • Cut bread half or lengthwise. Put cheese inside of bread
  • Insert meatballs into bread
  • Put sandwich into oven and serve

Roast Beef

  • Cut bread half or lengthwise. Put Roast Beef into bread.
  • Combine oil, vinegar, pepper, salt
  • Add second layer of roast beef to sandwich

Turkey Breast and Ham

  • Cut bread lengthwise
  • Combine oil,vinegar, pepper, salt,
  • Put both layers of turkey breast in between the ham
  •  Add extra vinegar and pepper.

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