Go Local, Go Organic: A Better Alternative to Eating Out

For years, fast food has been our primary option to eating out. As a college student on a tight budget, I have come to realize that large fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and others, are not our best options. In many cases, privately owned restaurants are a much better option. Not only are most traditional fast food restaurants extremely unhealthy, but they have also become quite expensive over the years. It seems as if my Big Mac goes up in price each year or decreases in size. Not only have fast food restaurants managed to get away with decreasing portion sizes over the years and going up in prices, but they have also found ways to keep us coming back. Have you ever wondered why the french fry you found between your seat looks the same as when you ordered that large combo from Wendy’s six months ago? The answer to that is Preservatives. Today most of our food contains preservatives and other chemicals to help the food last longer. these chemically enhanced foods have been known to cause cancer and many other illnesses. Instead of continuing to eat these foods, we should consider eating at certain private restaurants instead.

Today there are many private restaurants that are beginning to use organic and local ingredients to provide their clients with the best food possible. Organic foods provide us with proper nutrients that are hard to obtain from chemically enhanced foods. Not only is organic food a healthier choice, but by choosing to eat at non-chain restaurants, you are also helping your community. Many of these smaller private restaurants obtain their food from local farms, farmers markets, or even local fisherman; helping their community drastically. Not to mention the taste of the food is much better. So lets begin to look after our health and after our community by finding better options than fast food. Yes, most of us cant afford to eat out all the time. But when we do eat out, we should at least look for a healthier option.

Why should we continue to put our health at risk? It is crucial for our generation to begin considering matters like these. We may think that what we consume now may not affect us in the future, but the way we fuel our bodies has a huge impact to our health later down the road. You wouldn’t put regular gas in your Ferrari, then why would you fuel your body with processed food that is not good for you? So lets take a step in the right direction. Let’s find better options when eating out.

Why not to eat fast food:

  • Fast food is addicting
  • Fast food is processed
  • Contains chemicals and unhealthy preservatives
  • Contains tons of sugar
  • Is inhumane to animals

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