Do you know who’s the unsung hero of Waleska?

After taking some time to sit down and talk to this “unsung hero”, I quickly realized why he was both unsung, and a hero. When talking about his life I had to pry at him to tell me about his accomplishments because he didn’t want to sound conceited. After I finally got him to open up and tell me everything I knew just what I was going title this blog.

Zachary White is the unsung hero of Waleska. White has done so much for Reinhardt, and the community surrounding the college.

  • Earth Day at Reinhardt was started by White. Each year a tree is planted on campus in honor of Earth Day, and White likes to name a tree after someone. One of the trees is named after a student who passed away that year. White feels that in doing that it provides both closure, and a place the family can visit. Another tree was planted for the Colleges departing President earlier this year.

  • Arboretum, which is all the labeling of every tree and bush around campus is run by White. White says “It brings back some of the history back to campus.” The labels tell you what kind of tree it is and where it came from.

  • White was also a participant in starting Campus Beautification day. This is an event where everyone around campus can gather to help make beautify Reinhardt by planting flowers, and bushes. this year White said “about 70 people showed up” which was a great turn out considering it was pouring rain!

  • White started the Waleska Farmers market and was honored by being the recipient of the Key to the City. White started the Farmers market because he thought that other Farmers markets brought a sense of community to their city, and that is what White believed the city of Waleka needed. The farmers market runs from May to Labor Day, and is held on Thursdays from 3-7. An average of twenty vendors show up every week.
  • White’s favorite award is the Jason Campbell Spirit Award, in which he received it during halftime of the Reinhardt football game. It is his favorite award because Jason Campbell was best friends with White while they were at Reinhardt.

Everywhere White goes he strives to make it the best environment he can, and this is why he is the unsung hero of Waleska.


2 thoughts on “Do you know who’s the unsung hero of Waleska?

  1. Wow! Makes a Momma proud! Love my Zach and very apppreciative to the author who wrote such a beautiful tribute to the joy the Reinhardt/Waleska community brings to Zach! Thank you.


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