A Flight To Success!

John Miller is the CEO of Plane To Sea. A detailing company that specializes in aircraft, luxury boats and Automobiles. One of their new services being offered, that is quickly rising to one of their more popular specialties is paint restoration and protection. Miller is able to take any painted surface that has been severely damaged by weather or other elements and fully restore it to its original condition. Then, he applies a polymer coating for protection. It is also more cost efficient that a new paint job.

Inside of airplane
plane control panel
plane control panel







Another benefit of the Plane To Sea business, is, they are completely mobile and will come to wherever detailing is needed.

Among the cars, boats and aircrafts, are ones such as:

  • Citation jets
  • Lear jets
  • Gulfstreams
  • Mercedes
  • Bentley’s
  • many antique collectibles
  • Rinker boat
  • Sea Ray
  • Four Winns

Miller has worked in aviation so long people know they can trust his expertise. He has over 15 years of experience in this company and his company is fully licensed and insured for the customers protection. Customers also trust his products he uses. His products are of the highest quality. They have been developed by professional chemist under the guidelines of FAA standards and regulations.

Some of the products are:

  • Nuvite Polishes
  • Arrow Magnolia
  • PermaGard ply

Miller’s techniques to get the right shine on an aircraft, boat or car are as follows:

Step 1- throughly clean the outside and inside of  vehicle to remove bugs, dirt, grease ect.

Step 2- to compound buff the entire area to remove all stains and oxidized paint.

Step 3- evenly apply the polymer coating and allow to bond to the paint.

Step 4- buff the area to a high gloss finish.

John miller cares deeply about his job. He loves being around the aircraft and Oldsmobile and large boats. It is fun for him to get to experience such different ones everyday. Plane to Sea provides the highest quality service and the most reasonable rates. Miller says, “always protect your most valuable investments”

One of john's many planes
One of john’s many planes
detailed car
detailed car
Cherokee County Airport
Cherokee County Airport



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