How To Sell Your Artwork (4 Steps)

Are you an artist?

Are you wondering how you can sell your artwork?

Do you want a following?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then fear not!

Even if you’re inexperienced or don’t have access to a lot of resources, there are may things you can do to sell your artwork.

Step 1: Create a website

Creating a website will be fundamental in helping you sell art. Design a website that shows off your personality and that also is user friendly.

You should have a section on your website where people can view and purchase your art. If you can’t afford a website designer and if you have no idea what coding is, there are some alternatives.

Sites like Tumblr and Wix give you customizability and are user friendly.

Step 2: Join social media 

The more social media sites you’re on is the better.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

These sites not only allow friends and family to support you, but they also connect you with strangers.

That can include people in your area AND people from all over the world.

Social media is how you can form most of your following.

 Step 3: Attend art festivals

Join art festivals that allow you to showcase and sell your work. Many local store employees and art fanatics attend festivals. Through networking, you could place your artwork in stores and in homes.

Step 4: Host workshops

Teach and give back. This could be another form of networking. You can connect with your students and even sell your artwork to them.

With these steps, you’ll be selling your artwork in no time!!


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