Feature Story: Delicious Seafood Dining in the North Georgia Mountains

The Last Catch Seafood Restaurant in Jasper, Georgia is one of the few places where you can grab a fine meal in this small town. For the seven years the Last Catch has been in business, it has succeeded to maintain a great client base. Although approximately 20 percent of the restaurant’s guests are considered “regulars,” costumers from all over Georgia stop by every weekend to try some of the best seafood dining North Georgia has to offer. The Last Catch’s flavorsome food and comforting family environment seems to keep costumers coming back for more.
The owners, Kim and Jim Ryan, met while working at a seafood restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina. At the time, Kim was a student at the University of South Carolina and was studying to be a teacher. Jim had recently moved to South Carolina after being offered a position as an executive chef in one of Charleston’s finest seafood restaurants; this happened to be the place where Kim was working as a server.
After years of working together, the two decided to open up their own restaurant in the North Georgia Mountains.
With Kim’s knowledge as a server and Jim’s experience as an executive chef, they decided to open up the Last Catch in Jasper, Ga. After much time spent looking for an adequate location, they came across a small building beside a Piggy Wiggly grocery store in the older side of Jasper. That small building would soon become a hugely popular destination for all  seafood lovers in the town.
The Last Catch serves to please all different appetites. From some of the tastiest burgers in town to an excellent variety seafood, they always seem to keep guests content. At the restaurant, you can find many different types of fresh fish, such as flounder, trout, tuna, salmon, and plenty more. Much of their seafood is freshly brought from the Alabama gulf and is cooked to order.
With Jim’s culinary capability and Kim’s welcoming personality, the restaurant has been running strong for quite some time. “I have always wanted this place to feel like a home to my guests,” says Kim. To maintain such great clientele, Kim says that she is very particular in who she hires. After asking John, one of the “regulars” what made the last catch so special, he responded: “When I come to the catch each weekend, I am always treated like family by every employee.” To owners Kim and Jim, the quality of their employees is a key factor to their success.
Waits of up to an hour and waiting lists of close to 200 people were one of the primary reasons why they needed a bigger restaurant. After much success at their previous location, owners Kim and Jim had no other choice but to move to a bigger and more adequate building. After remodeling an old Chinese restaurant only about a mile down the road, the proud owners decided to open the doors to the new and improved Last Catch on December 2014. The new location offers a much larger kitchen and dining area. Over all, moving to a larger building has benefited the business. Now it can accommodate about twice the amount of guests and is much more spacious for employees to work in. Not to mention, monthly sales have dramatically increased since switching locations!
The owners, Kim and Jim, couldn’t be happier. They plan to continue expanding their business by maintaining their current business productivity. With higher sales and continued customer satisfaction, the Last Catch has a bright future ahead.

The new and improved last catch
New and improved Last Catch

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