Feature Story: Riding the Business Horse

After spending most of her life on horseback, Amy Browning started Browning Equestrian, a full-service company that specializes in Hunter Jumper, which is a type of riding where the rider takes the horse through an obstacle course of jumps with the intention of doing it better and with more grace than the rider before him or her had. Browning mainly places emphasis on boarding horses, giving lessons, training horses and riders, horse showing, summer camps, and grooming services, among many other things. When discussing why she began her business, she said that it was her love of the sport that had lead her to do it. Having spent most of her life around horses, she stated, “Ever since I was a kid I have loved riding and working with horses.” She goes on to tell of her enjoyment of experiencing the moment(s) when her students get to achieve his or her goals through their dedicated hard work.

Browning has always felt the bond between a horse and its rider, and has felt just how complex such a relationship can be, and hopes to bring that feeling of companionship to new students in the future. When asked if she has any plans of expanding the advertising of her business to cater to potential clients outside of her local demographic in north Georgia, she stated that she currently has no intention of doing so. She says that she doesn’t want to reach out to other areas just yet, and wishes mainly to keep the company as it is for now, which is a smaller training group for locals. She currently has around 20 students, ranging between the ages of 5 and 50. When it comes time to expand her business, “I am always ready to add more local barns to my list of clients.” For the past 10 years, Amy Browning has run her business strictly through word of mouth. She is making plans to expand her media presence through web-based and print advertisements, as she hopes that the advertising with help to promote her summer camps.

Amy Browning PhotosAmy Browning currently trains horses and ponies alike, but as a majority of her clients are children, she focuses her work mainly on ponies, as they fit children better. She works hard on the connection between animal and rider and works to make sure that her students are suited well with his or her horse/pony. Browning’s business is unique in the way that it doesn’t pressure students into showing the horses. Showing, being where riders go to compete against other riders for ribbons, trophies and sometimes money, can be very stressful for someone who maybe just wants a relaxing afternoon on horseback and doesn’t want to take it any further than that.

Amy Browning plans on handing the company over to employees in the future and enjoy the slightly more hands-off lifestyle of a business owner, but she expressed her need to be constantly involved with her work. “As I get older, 70 years old or so, I will probably need to hire a junior rider to ride the horses for me with my instruction from the ground,” but she stressed that she intends to be there with it to the very end. She has worked hard to create her business, a business she very much loves, and far be it anyone’s right to tell her when it is time to step back from it.


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