Feature Story: Plane To Sea

Planes, Automobiles, and luxury boats, these are the things John Miller works with on a daily basis. Miller is the owner of a detailing business, called “Plane To Sea”. It is a professional company that goes above and beyond to do any detailing job needed. Cleaning, waxing, buffering and shining are just some of the steps Miller uses on his Planes, Cars and Boats to give them the shine they need.

Aspiring to be a pilot as a child, he started flying at age 16. During that time, he wanted to experience all aspects of aviation, so he started working for a charter company, in 1999, that also detailed people’s personal aircrafts. Little did he know that early job would lead to operating his own company.

While working for this company in Cobb County, Miller started building his clientele. He then decided to start his company in 2000. It took a lot of hard work and time for his business to grow. Miller said, “trust is very important in aviation, anything you touch or move the wrong way can cause an issue with the aircraft.” Over time, he built the necessary trust of his clients and he now has a list of clients who have been using his services for years.

After operating in Cobb County for several years, he expanded to Cherokee County Airport. There, he has seven planes that he details on a regular basis. Expanding his location led to hiring his first staff team. Miller has five people that he has trained that he can call to help him out whenever help is needed. For this reason, “no job is too big,” as John, says.

Miller, with his faithful aircraft customers, decided to branch out and detail his customer’s cars along with their airplanes. It didn’t stop there; he branched out even more to luxury boats. Now he has grown his clientele even more. Customers will come to John or John will come to you. “We are a professional detailing company and we come to you.” Miller says.

Despite all of his success, Miller has his eye on further expansion. He would like to have more employees located throughout the southeast and eventually franchise his “Plane To Sea” concept. To help fuel his growth, he would like to do more advertising. Currently, his primary source of new customers is word of mouth. He explained, “Aviation is a small community,” so he could grow organically through referrals based on his good work. Miller growing his clientele might mean getting to work at more airports. He would love to experience many more airports as he feels at home while there.

Cherokee County Airport is where Miller feels most at home. It is his favorite work location just for the close-knit family environment it provides. He says everyone is very friendly and that makes his job much easier. He loves working with the large aircrafts, but just being in the hanger makes him feel at home. Miller has wanted to fly since he was four years old. Being in aviation is a dream come true and even though he does detail cars and boats in his business he commented, “planes will always hold a special place in my heart.”

In his free time, he would like to start flying again. He is currently training and working with a charter company where people can charter planes and he can co-pilot the flights. He is also in the process of adding a division of painting to his business. Miller continues to work and grow his business everyday. When asked why customers should choose his business, he referred to his company motto, “Why should you choose us? The difference is Plane To Sea!”


John Miller
John Miller

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