Callahan’s Golf Links – The Oldest Style of Golfing

If you want to experience the oldest style of all golf courses, Callahan’s is the place to go. Callahan’s Golf Links in Waleska, Ga offers a links-styled course layout. This particular style of golf course is not only the oldest golf course style, but is also rarely seen in places like Waleska. Mr. Matt Callahan along with his son Matt Callahan made this course style happen in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains.

First developed and constructed in Britain 500 years ago, the word links comes from Scotland’s old English language meaning “rising ground” usually referring to coastal areas with many sand dunes. This course is geographically very open with few trees which made it easy back when architects had limited tools and resources.

Not only is this course the oldest style, it’s also the most rare. Links courses remain most commonly seen in parts of Ireland, Scotland and Great Britain. Even though that’s true Kevin and Matt Callahan bring this playing style all the way to Georgia which is extremely rare. For the Callahan’s to have land that opens up in this region of North Georgia to hold this style of play is occasional to say the least.

As you can see,  the course offers a unique playing experience for a Golfer.The style of this play is substantially different from your ordinary American golf courses. It plays to all playing ability. The course creates uneven fairways, deep bunkers, and thick rough for you experience golfers while also having very open areas and few trees for modest players. For a unique golfing experience all year-round, I suggest you go to Callahan’s Golf Links.

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